As longtime Vice President of Credit and Investments for Prudential Real Estate, Corine Peterson – who began with the company as a

senior accountant –eventually managed a $300 million real estate portfolio and served on the boards of several of the company’s largest

affiliates throughout the U.S. with a portfolio of the largest multi-office real estate brokerages nationwide, she engaged in high level

mergers and acquisitions by structuring and making strategic investments involving both debt and equity in the residential real estate

brokerage industry.


In a competitive field crowded with agents with minimal background in financial matters and who lack

true understanding of the fluctuations in the marketplace, Corines' strong and direct communication skills, high level experience,

confidence, integrity and dedication to the minutest details set her apart. This includes providing detailed property pricing based not

merely on local comps but on objective financial analysis mixed with her subjectivity and keen instincts. She also hires top

photographers to capture the visual essence of the high-priced homes she represents, and works with a renowned local marketing

company to help advertise them.


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